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We’re an Academy, not a Gym

We coach you through techniques and skills, and encourage you to try things you’ve never tried before so that ultimately, YOU can take responsibility for your health. We want to not only see changes in your physical performance but your mental capacity of what IS possible. You CAN do a pull up or handstand, you just don’t know how to get there yet. We’ll show you!

What Sets Us Apart From A Gym?

Our academy is not just a fitness studio or gym. We are a state of the art Strength & Conditioning Academy. We have all of the appropriate tools, coaching staff and equipment to achieve an Elite Level of fitness.


Our facility is not made up of a sea of machines and wall to wall mirrors. We jump ropes, hop on boxes, throw medicine balls, swing kettle bells, use gymnastic rings, squat, run outside, carry weight over our heads, pick weights off the ground, hang from bars, practice hand stands, pull sleds, use row machines, play on paralettes, and every other fun and functional movement your mind can imagine that will make you stronger, faster and more effective in your every day life.


It’s personal training and coaching in a class setting. We are not a typical gym, we are Academy. We don’t sign you up and forget about you and your goals. We DO notice when you show up and when you don’t. We are not going to just sign you up and take your money every month without making sure you reach your goals, graduate through each level and see results. That does you no good and in turn does us no good. After all, every one of our students is a walking testimony and we want yours to be a passionately successful one. We want you to improve with each workout.

Evidence Based Fitness

We use white boards and timers to bring out the highest levels of intensity. Every student’s class/workout is timed, measured or scored to ensure they are progressing and are held to the highest standards. We expect all our students to keep records of their progress. Taking responsibility for your health and fitness is after all, your responsibility. It’s our goal to teach you how and we believe that daily journaling, setting goals and monitoring your progress is vital to helping you reach elite fitness. That’s why we provide each student with a daily journal, one on one communication with their coach and monthly nutrition check-in. Just as in any school or college, our goal is to get you to graduate to the next level and all these tools are what will help support you on that path.

Learn to Push Your Limits

All of our workouts involve your entire body; they require skills, timing and your full attention to execute safely and effectively. In our academy we focus on performance versus aesthetics.

The equipment and workouts in our program resemble those found effective with professional athletes and in our nation’s military branches. Our program is designed to teach these skills in a safe and progressive environment where our students can thrive and grow while on the path of Elite Fitness. It’s about getting stronger, faster, more agile and confident that you are literally prepared for anything life can throw at you. It’s about believing you can do something you’ve never done before. It’s about consistent athletic improvement. It’s about health and feeling great. It’s about life.

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January 5th, 2015, 12 Week Challenge: Ready to start the New Year with a new focus on Nutrition & Fitness? Join the CFI5 12 Wk. Challenge. The Challenge starts Monday, January 5th, 2015. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice. Give us 12 weeks and we'll give you a Brand New YOU!!! See Coach Tai for further details on the challenge and the fitness and nutrition plan that it includes.

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