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We offer online scheduling for our Students. Simply click here to view our class schedule, check for availability and sign up for your class of choice*

*Only members may sign up for classes – New students please schedule an “Intro Appointment” to set aside time with one of our staff to tour our facility and go through your first workout.

Our Classes

Beginner – White Band

This class is designed for students at an entry skill level and entry fitness level. Students participating in this class have a “Baseline” Workout time greater than 9 minutes. The Beginner Class will focus on basic conditioning and fundamental weight training movements, skills and techniques. Because the movements we teach are unfamiliar to most students entering into our academy it is critical that a firm foundation is set and all of the building blocks are in place to ensure safe and proper growth throughout our program.

Intermediate – Blue Band

This class is meant for students working on building a base level of strength, conditioning and technical expertise. To participate in these classes students must have a Baseline Workout time between 6:00 – 9:00 minutes. During these classes our instructor will help you become more familiar with the names of movements, understand the appropriate amount of weight to use, and exactly how to scale and develop skills for the more complex CrossFit movements. While in the class students will be prepared to complete their Level 1 fitness test.

Advanced – Black Band

This class is meant for students that have successfully passed their Level 1 fitness test and have a baseline time of 5:15 (M) & 6:30 (W) (Pull ups done with no assistance). By this time you have reached a higher level of confidence, strength and conditioning. Students in this class have mastered all of the basic and intermediate weight training and CrossFit movements. This class will be working on the more advanced weightlifting and gymnastic movements. Students in this class can take a friend through a CrossFit workout with confidence. While in this class students will be preparing for their Level 2 fitness test.

Elite – Red Band

Students in this class are our “Fire Breathers” and will have the chance to represent our academy in various competitive events. These classes are meant for students that have successfully completed their Level 2 fitness test and have a baseline time below 4:30 (M) – 5:45(W). Students in this class have displayed their confidence and ability with all the CrossFit movements and workouts. The curriculum in this class will cover more of the advanced weight training and gymnastic movements and geared toward achieving the maximum work capacity of the student.

We expect our Elite students have made CrossFit training a regular part of life and are confident creating their own workouts as well as working on mastering specific skills. Students in this group are encouraged to attend CrossFit seminars and specialty seminars to further their education. Our Elite students serve as models for movements in class and are looked upon as the leaders at CrossFit I-5 even though they are not necessarily instructors.


January 5th, 2015, 12 Week Challenge: Ready to start the New Year with a new focus on Nutrition & Fitness? Join the CFI5 12 Wk. Challenge. The Challenge starts Monday, January 5th, 2015. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice. Give us 12 weeks and we'll give you a Brand New YOU!!! See Coach Tai for further details on the challenge and the fitness and nutrition plan that it includes.

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